Lot Area: 150sqm
Price per sqm: P8,888.00
Total Selling Price: P1,333,200.00
15% Downpayment: P199,980.00
Balance: P1,133,220.00

Monthly Installment:
10 years: P20,418.95
9 years: P21,255.68
8 years: P22,350.74
7 years: P23,817.83
6 years: P25,846.24
5 years: P28,776.34
4 years: P33,288.34
3 years: P40,968.62
2 years: P56,574.99
1 year: P100,685.22

Lot Area: 209sqm
Price per sqm: P9,188.00
Total Selling Price: P1,920,292.00
15% Downpayment: P288,043.80
Balance: P1,632,248.20

Monthly Installment:
10 years: P29,410.70
9 years: P30,615.90
8 years: P32,193.18
7 years: P34,306.33
6 years: P37,227.98
5 years: P41,448.38
4 years: P47,947.29
3 years: P59,009.68
2 years: P81,488.53
1 year: P145,023.28

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Contact Details
Email: jennie@wowbahay.com
Tel No.: (+63) (45) 436.4637 (PLDT)
Mobile No.: (+63) 0916.343.0877 (Globe)
for US and CANADA (magicjack)
Tel No.: +650.993.1568

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