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We’ve all encountered real estate agents who seem to be always in a hurry. They can’t stop and make sure your needs are met because they’re afraid of missing out on the next big deal. At Wowbahay Realty, we believe that buying or selling a home should be a careful, deliberate process that meets all of your needs, rather than something that happens so quickly that you have no idea what happened.

We take a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers always come first. We believed, and still believe, in providing quality customer service to meet the needs of your family. We are your Real Estate Broker today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

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Selling Your Home?

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We understand that there are numerous reasons why you need to sell your home, some of which can be quite complicated. That is why, before you sign any paperwork, we discuss your options with you; we want you to be able to make the best decision for your family. We’ll take care of you whether you’re moving across town, out of province, across the country, or around the world.

Do you need money to pay your mortgage but don’t want to sell while the market is still down? Not a problem! We provide a wide range of services. We’ll make sure you get more exposure in a specific market so you can get the best price. If you prefer to rent your home, we will manage it for you.

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Buying a New Home?

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We understand that purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience. We can help you find the perfect home whether you’re looking for your first home or downsizing due to an empty nest. Do you require an executive-level luxury home? Looking for a quiet spot in the woods to reflect during your retirement? Our access to a variety of databases ensures that you’ll be satisfied with your choices.

We also believe in the values and honesty of small towns. We’ll let you know if the basement always leaks after a heavy rain. We will not tell you that the roof is brand new when it is ten years old. With exceptional service, you will receive more than you expect.

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